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ok, this has got to be a bad idea or someone would have already mentioned it, but here goes...
say i were to do my cycle, with lots of test. i come off the cycle and go to the doctor complaining of whatever low test symptoms are. if the doc sees my low test, will i get a script for some test?
i know this is a stupid question but i'm terribly bored and looking to have some fun here. what do you all think, especially the docs on here.
Depends on how big you are. If you look too muscular, your story won't sound credible. I am 6' 260lbs and although no doctor ever outright accused me of being on gear, at least two doctors have refused to prescribe T despite the fact that my levels are low enough for anyone to qualify. The ironic thing is that I have had these low levels since before I ever touched any gear.
Bro it would depend on the Dr. some will give you the test when he/she see youe low test levels, then run test. Other get a low test result and run tests, which could take 2 months, then get another blood test for test levels, by that time your test will be back to normal or should be. If your over 40 you'd propably get right away like I did, but if your under 30, they probably run extensive test on you.

Yeah bro that sounds like a smart little scam, but like buffdoc has mentioned before, they will probably give you the patch or gel if they give you anything at all
You can certainly do it, (god knows how many already have), but be prepared to (more often than not) have to deal with your doctor and maybe even an endocrononoligst for months and months and months as they run blood test after blood test on you and then after all is said and done they try to shove the gel or patches on you...
And even if you get past the gel and patch phase, the most you'll see as an injection is probably about 100mg per week, 200 in extreme cases.
Probably not worth the hassle.