pro hormone/winstrol stack?


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Intending to start my first prohormone cycle within the next few days. Getting my base blood work done tomorrow, so I'm pretty amped to finally get started. Simple stack, but I was informed it would be very effective in losing fat while also allowing strength and muscle mass to continually increase. I have heard mixed opinions on stacking the PH Super DMZ and steroid Winstrol, which is primarily why I'm posting. I chose these two supplements due to the fact I already have a bit of gyno that started years ago from puberty as well as these product reviews generally seem to fit my goals.

-Super DMZ 2.0 (40 mg= 2 capsules/day split in morning and at night w/ food for 4 weeks)
-Dragon-Pharma Winstrol (Oral) (50 mg= 1 capsule/day in the morning for 8 weeks)

Also supplementing with liver support, milk thistle, and fish oil to assist. As far as PCT, I am debating between clomid and nolva (from RUI-products).

Opinions/thoughts/concerns? any product reviews from anyone? The other issue, should I continue the DMZ alongside the winny for the complete 8 weeks or stick with 4 weeks? or introduce the DMZ at another time in the cycle other than the beginning?

Current Stats:
23 years old
176 pounds
BF: 13%
3RM Bench: 275
3RM Squat: 315
3RM Deadlift: 335