Pro Steroid Secrets Video's Rock!!!!!!!!!


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I just got them today as a present from a friend for helpin him with his first comp prep. He won haha.

Anyway, i just finnished the first of 3. First guy is without a doubt COLEMAN. He talked about a lot of stuff i had already learned on here. Then some others that were suprising. Talks about near death experiences with slin and diuretics. DOSES and everything included. Takes a lot of shit. Said average contest cycle runs 15 grand for him.

I just started watchin next guy. Cant figure out who he is. Looks to be a white or spanish guy with puffy hair. No accent, but a slightly deep voice.
white guy with puffy hair?

could it maybe shawn ray he used to have puffy hair? where did u get these tapes, where can we all buy them?

Ive seen these tapes advertised in magazines before. I think they had an ad on them in Iron Man Magazine a while back. Its in the back where all the little ads are.
Bro I,m not gonna spend monet on that rag.
I,d like to know how legit this tape is,and where to obtain one thats all.
They are definatly pro's with Tom Platz doing the interviewing. Dont remeber where you can get them because i sent my friend the URL months ago when it was posted up on elite. I didnt wanna spend 80 bucks on them, but i forgot about it and i guess he did. Im very happy with what iv heard on these so far, and have wrote down a TON of questions i have from Coleman alone. Im gonna finnish tape 1 today. 2 more to go :D
Did Ronnie sound like Mike Tyson? If so then that was him.

Also, how about copying off those tapes for a fellow bro. :tounge2: Always wanted to see them more out of curiousity then anything.