ProLINE pics


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are those his new labels? cause he said he had made new ones with diff colours for each kind.


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proline Winstrol (winny) did not hurt much at all.
only very slight soreness the next day from a 2cc injection.

proline rocks!!


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I got there 500mg EQ, looks like the blue label on the right of that pic.....!! looks the same type to me.. Have not used... but cannt wait , to try it.... Heard good things about PROLINE and EQ..



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proline has great products can't weight to use again. his test enan and eq finally put me over 200# still 195 7 weeks later, could drop a couple % bf though about 15%


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my boy got everything from proline, great stuff at great prices, i am getting my hands on a bunch to use and to save for later ;)


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I have been hearing that they are making the underdosed lately. Supposebly the EQ test at like 250mg/cc. Might be a lie though as the UG labs are fighting for buisiness.