prop confusion?

oops lookin at it now ots 400mg per ml.thats what got me wondering why so high mg unless your only using it 2 times a week! and here i am stickin myself ed! thanks thats what I thought ,the high mg threw me off!
The high mg/ml may be for use in cycles with alot of other EOD/ED injects so you can inject .25 cc of it instead of 1 cc. Makes a big difference for some muscle groups.
first of all if this place made a prop at that high of concentration, it would hurt, second of all, i'd like to see a lab test on this product
imo thier is no need for anything over 100mg per ml for the average user. Very few go over 100mg ed. I would stay clear of anything 400mg per ml, that would feel like a gunshot.
My guess is that very few people will shoot straight 400 mg./ml. prop more than once.

The feeling in the coming days would be like getting drop kicked by God.

They'll end up diluting it with painless gear or sterile oil.