hey yo
Hi all,

I was on on propecia for the good part of 4 months, I decided to stop as it basically rendered me useless downstairs, and have heard that it can stuff up ur sperm count for good. Only after a month have i recovered fully and have heard from other ppl that years after use they are still feeling the effects of the drug.

However, I am considering my first cycle (test only) and was wondering if i could use the propecia for a short period before hand and during the cycle and then discontinue use shortly after the cycle concluded.

What do u guys think? any experiences?

thanks in advance
You could do that, however it's not something I would recommend. The rebound effect when you discontinue the drug could be pretty devestating with regards to hair loss.

I would instead opt for topical spironolactone as well as nizoral shampoo 3x per week. You will not experience any rebound effect from either of these two like you may with the finasteride.
I don't know that there would be a rebound effect, so long as your dht levels dropped back to normal. With the extra test in your system I don't think you will have any sexual dysfunction.

I ran proscar for one of my cycles. It does detract from the cycle a bit in the strength department because there are some benefits to the dht. But it wasn't huge. I would start it right when I start my cycle, but run it for a few weeks after your cycle.

I just use topicals right now. I use the Nizoral ed while on. I have used the spironolactone too.