Protein Powders .... What's the Difference?


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After having gastric distress (gas, bloating, and diarrhea) for months I eventually realized it would peak on and after weight-lifting days. Wondering if it might be the whey protein, I added lactase pills. No help. Then I decided to just cut out whey. But what to replace it with? I reviewed the amino-acid profiles and decided that egg and rice proteins would make a good combination. I was also going egg protein powder with whey. But I anticipated that I'd experience more DOMS (delayed-onset muscular soreness) since based on all I've read, whey is simply the best protein.

No gastric problems since stopping whey! And to my surprise, after several awesome lifting days over the last week where I even broke a few personal records, I have no DOMS while using only the egg and rice proteins. Moreover, I usually have a lot of DOMS after lifts comparable to this week's level of intensity. I've never done steroids, so that's not a factor here. I've also had that great feeling of muscular fullness you get the day after an awesome workout concurrent with looking bigger, so it's not like nothing is happening.

So based on my experience, and contrary to my expectations, indicators of muscular development are better for me with egg and rice proteins. Now, this might not be a fair test of whey since I was having so much diarrhea on whey that process may have carried the protein out of me with a lot of water my muscles needed for development. So what I'm reporting may have more to say about alleviating anti-anabolic effects of a dairy allergy than about whey per se. However, even if that's the case, I can certainly say egg and rice protein work very well with intense weightlifting!

I have been on Optimum 100%gold standard and have been bloated. There are times after a double serving with 15 oz water I look near prego. Not that bad but forsure noticable.
On a budget but what should I replace the whey protein with. ?????


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How long does everyone keep their protein powders for? It takes me a while to go through my supply and I've noticed it starts to smell funny after a month or so, despite an air tight container.

I've been getting flavorless pure whey isolate because it mixes so easily with anything..I'm also thinking up some recipes to try adding protein...a post on this would be great too...

throw in a bananna and grahm cracker in blender w/ your protein... BOMB!!!


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Whey Protein has been used successfully by many world class athletes and it is used primarily to bulk up using the gym and fitness rooms and put on large amounts of muscle mass quickly. Whey Protein is to be used in conjunction with working out at the gym almost daily and by eating healthy. Whey protein has a high amount of protein in it and protein is the best source for bulking up and putting on muscle mass. Whey Protein comes in all size containers and in a powder form. The powder should be taken with a liquid, preferably a fruit juice which will give the mixture some kind of taste. I have heard that orange juice or pineapple juice mixes well with it.


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the only one I really know is pure whey isolate. My partner complains of indigestion after standard proteins..I think it makes his whole digestive system off..nobody feels good like that.
The pure whey isolate we get is 100% soluble in any liquid...oj, milk, anything. & u can get it flavored, unflavored...I like it unflavored because you can always add cocoa powder.


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does anyone have a preference of which protein to use when cooking?

I use Optimum Platinum, MuscleTech & labrada are ok but expensive.
I use vanilla Optimum (2/3 scoop)in a blender with 30g egg whites and make a pancake.D-licious when using sugarfree strawberry jam too:)

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Cranberry flavored MAP does not taste bitter. An amazing fact since MAP is Pepto Pro ( hydrolyzed Casein ). One of my favorites now.


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Protein powder is found in different forms. Some of the most commonly found varieties are whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, whole egg, egg white and micellar casein. There are various benefits of using protein in your diet. If you want to build your muscles and become big and strong, you have to include a good amount of protein in your food daily.iPhone5 release date


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I have tried so many freaking proteins...Labrada Pro V-50, Max Muscle High 5, Muscle Milk (too fatty), ProGrade, Pro Rated, EAS...and on and on...but once I had Whey to Build Muscle Rocky Road from NTBM...found my protein thank you! Not ever changing again!


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i always really like myofusion but usually go with walmart brand but i think i will have to try out NTBM next


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I ordered my 3 pack of EAS recently from Sam's club online. I got two bags of the old and one of the new formula. The macros are different on the new stuff 4 grams more carbs I think, 3 more grams protein, maybe one more fat gram. But, this new stuff tastes amazing. I only buy it because it's so cheap and never really cared for the flavor, but this new stuff is probably the best I've ever tasted. I'm kinda disappointed I got two bags of the old stuff.