Question about mail delivery


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hey guys i am just wondering, there is really no possible way for you to get nabbed if you get shit sent to a PO (non post office related) from a DOMESTIC only..... unless officals at the usps proccessing center get postal inspectors or people at the PO place alert the some authorities .... ???? is this liek somewhat accurate....... cause since it's not internatoinal there should be no customs worries
As long as you and your source are not being watched and everything is packaged correctly, then domestic is as safe as it gets.
You should be OK, unless someone is watching your source like Wartime said. Domestic is the safest way to go, but remember alot of them do get popped too, so always be safe whatever method you use!
What are your guys views on international shipments coming to your home...or better with a po box...