Question about some Test Enan Powder


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About 6 months ago I bought several grams of test E powder. The first batch I made the powder was chuncky and the batch came out almost clear looking. I sealed up the powder for about 6 months and made another batch recently and the powder was like goop, and the batch came out much darker. Is this normal? Does it still sound good?
Test E will melt between your fingers and will go a waxy solid at cooler temperatures.

I dont see why the colour of the final product would change if you used the same Test E so maybe you used a different oil this time or did something different while you made it.
I had a similar question, I just opened a 50g bag of test e and instead of being waxy solid like my last one it is very powdery, until i held it in my hand while i called my source, while on the phone with him it starteed liquifying in my hand, i put a blow dryer on it and it began to liquify immediately. Can test e start out as a pure powder until a temp change of some kind? Is there anything else this could be?
Some people have mentioned that the test E they get is an ivory white powder until melted but it's still test E and always good to go. Maybe just different parts of a batch they made I'm not too sure.
I think you are right because I just finished my batch and it melted like it was supposed to and after freezing slightly it became pasty and chunky like I am used to seeing it. I am sure it is ggod to go. Let you know in a couple of weeks.
What is the shelf-life for test. enanthate "powder"? I'm tempted to buy a large personal quantity now while it's cheap, then convert it in 10g batches as needed.
I'm not sure of the exact melting point/freezing point(same thing) of enan but I know it is just above room temp.
Think of bacon fat. Leave it out or pick it up then it turns dark and gooey. Put it in the fridge and its good!