Question with pct issues help would be appreciated


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I have ran 4 cycles in the past..consisting of test or test with a has worked well each time so IV always kept my cycles low. Several months again I ran a test 500 wk and dbol 50 for 4 weeks test was about 12 weeks long. I started my PCT 3 days ago which was two weeks after last pin..I'm running 40 nolva. My training is still as hard as I can diet is still high cals..high protein. But for some reason my strength and stamina is shot..I understand I'm coming off and I'm not gonna have the aggressive attitude in the gym and all that but IV never experienced such a loss of strength from any other cycle like this. I guess iz just wondering if anybody else experienced anything like this or had any advice or scientific reasoning behind it. Thanks. I'm 24 weight training for 5 years eating 4000 a day.


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Naturally when u come off of a cycle u are going to feel weaker . Your body if full of much less hormones and its own production is way down . U will feel tired and lethargic . its natural . If your doses ere higher this time around , startup can be harder as well . Also , to be 24 and have 4 cycles under your belt already , that not the best thing . Im sure you knew the risks involved when u started this , an im sure u know by now you may not come back to full hormone levels . give it time . Alot of people would have recommended that u had also used clomid in these at 50/50/50/50/ . I would , especially knowing u have cycled more before . I would also look into getting blood work done to see where your natural hormones stand and look into hcg .
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Thanks for the reply man..and yes i understand and realize any risk or sides I just don't understand why it is affected me this time and ever before to such a level..I have ran clomid b4 but made me feel sick so I just ran nolva this time..I usally get blood work done twice a year since IV been weight training.


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You started pct a bit too early. Look up pct calculator. It would put you more towards 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks after last pin. Clomid should be used in pct with nolva too.


Add in clomid at a low dose. 25mg/day would be fine and id bet you get no sides at that dose. So clomid & nolva.