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I just started my cycle of d-bol, Sustanon (sust), deca,, but i'm hearing alot of bad things about the Sustanon (sust) and alot of good things about prop... i'm taking 500mg's of Sustanon (sust) for 10weeks and 400mg's of deca for 10 weeks and 40mg's of d-bol of the thais for 4weeks... can i switch the Sustanon (sust) to prop of 500mg's and will that be alright during a cycle ? or any recommendations as going through my cycle how to switch to prop ... ? or is it even worth it ... I'm 6'3 210 and looking for mass... whitch will suit me better.. i keep chaning my mind on all of this... help me out guys :)
I would not do it because I like susta more than prop. The problem would be "how" to switch, since susta has different esters from short to long ones and there would be a period in which you have in the sistem the longer and you are adding a short ester.
I would not go in search of troubles and I would go on with susta.
By the way, what are your concerns with it?
i've been reading about it and people have been saying they like the prop better then the sust... i'm just wondering if i'm not going to gain that much mass with Sustanon (sust) since it's my first cycle ...if i will gain more with prop i would switch or try too... but i guess everyone varies with the substances... I havent felt the Sustanon (sust) or deca yet... the d-bol i'm getting mad pumps and it feels great i've gained around 3-5 lbs i just need to eat more which is very hard for me.. and its been going on too almost 2 weeks since i started the cycle... so i just want mass out of all of this... then i'm throwing the Winstrol (winny) in at week 9-12 ... and thinking of tren because i heard it was some good stuff.... any opinions?
sust has prop in it, but if youre only shooting 500mg a week(i'm assuming its 2 different injections), you arent utilizing the prop ester anyways.
if you want to switch, go ahead, but shoot the prop at least eod. if you try to split it into 2 injections, you wont be taking advantage of the full potential of the drug.
keep in mind, you lose the advantage of the long esters in the Sustanon (sust) by switching, so some of the mass gains are out the window. you'll hold less water on prop only, and imho, lose some of the strength as well. it really depends on what you want from the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) youre using.......

on a different note.......youre all over the place with this cycle bro. add this, subtract that. sounds like your wanting to bulk, and then cut in the same go. try not to do that, you should either bulk or cut. the deca will kick in weeks 3-5, and same for the Sustanon (sust).

peace I4L
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IFL is right, Prop needs to be eod. I probably would not change it. Just bulk for now then try to cut down.
i'm going to keep the cycle the way it is with the sust.. but i have a question about when i should start tren in my ccyle? i want to do it toward the end... about when should i do it? i'm on week 2 now...
I would do bulking cycle first ( sostenon,deca,Dball) then take a break & do your cutting cycle of ( prop,tren,winny).
I would try to bulk first then use the tren with Winstrol (winny) & prop. good luck
Thank you ... I've been waiting for an answer like that... everyone else is like dont do it... i'm like but i'm going too just help me out and tell me when and how to do it... appreciate the answer :)