Rear delts


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Ok I'm just gonna come out and say it....WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY BACK...

ok in my avatar I have these two sharp muscles sticking out near my delts, especially the rear seems to have a sharp lump in the middle instead of a much more wrapped around HUMAN version.

This is what I want it to look like

I have tried for about a 2 years now to sort this out and yet still it won't grow to even out a side view pose of my shoulders..the front delt and side delts seem to completly overpower it.

Presently for delts I do:

Front Delts:

Front dumbell raises

Middle Delts:

90degree Seated dumbell Presses

Rear delts:

Bent over lateral dumbell raises (pouring water grip)
Straight back lateral dumbell raises (pouring water grip)

To help pull my shoulders down and back I do:

Seated lat pull downs wide grip
Seated lat pull downs narrow grip
Seated rows narrow rip

I brought an elastic back brace to help but it's to uncomfortable to wear for a long time....I'm begining to worry this is skeletel ?

Does anyone else suffer from this underdeveloped area ?
Jusee said:
You simply need more muscle mass.

I agree it is not skeletal, work towards putting on size--deadlifts, heavy squats and bench--especially deadlifts should help with your development.
have someone that knows what theyre doing at ur gym check the form on your bent over laterals for the rear delts. Also maybe you should be using more or less weight.
you cant look like someone else. your unique physiqie is what mom and pop gave ya.

But keep rowin and youwill get waht u are looking for
i can do more on bent over rows than my raw bench for reps. i rarely do bent over rows though. last time i did them i hit 455 for a set of 5, i cant bench 455 for a set of 5 raw. i had a vid posted of me hitting 405 on rows for an easy set but my pc crashed and its gone now. someone may still have that clip as it was posted here.
LiftTillIDie said:
Disclaimer for Rocco: Do not attempt to 1 rep max at bent over rows.

THanks for letting me know LOL.

I do my bent over rows with 275-315 for 5-10 rep range. Last week I did 3 or 4 sets with 275 for sets of 8. I think it's important to have good forma and be ablke to feel the weight working the area and not just feel like you are throwing around heavy weights.