Recent liver values. I'm confused at results?


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I just got back my blood work and my AST and ALT were in the middle of the normal range, but I had a GGT done for the first time as I have seen it mentioned quite often lately and it was 90 with a normal range of 50-80. I was wondering if there was some other otc supplement that I may be taking that may be affecting this. Most docs that I have spoken with do not do the GGT unless the ALT/AST are out, so if I had not asked for it I would have never got it. Does anyone have any thoughts? I have been off since the last week of February.



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90 is not bad at all. DOnt worry it will go down unless you drink excessively and use drugs w/ acetomeniphen in them. When I had MANO in h.s. my levels were 450. What did your previous cycle look like?