recovery of my own testastrone


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since i had a really bad kidney infection i was pissing blood for over 4 days my doc said not to take anything and he ment anything because it was bad i could not move for about 6 days thats how bad my kidneys hurt now i been off sus250 1 cc every week for about 3 weeks now i do have clomid but have not taken it because i am scared of my kidneys how long would it take for my balls to recover my own testastrone whith out clomid or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) i do take zinc about 50 mg a day i know that helps little bit any help.
because when i was on as everything was fine untill i took 40 mg of nolvadex about 6 hours later i started pissing blood and next day i could not walk because of my kidneys hurting and i know nolvadex and clomid and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) one of there sides is vaginal bleeding im thinking it might of have something to do with it my doc told me the same thing that is why im afraid of takeing clomid or anything else i dont wana be in the same situation again maybe i am alergic to nolva or clomid dont know.
anyway would you be able to tell me if zinc helps and how long would it take for my testicals to recover i been off for about 3 weeks
Well if you insist on not taking clomid or nolvadex, at least try something like tribex. Zinc may help a bit but not that much. Recovery without anything could take up to 3 months or even longer. On a side note, besides some of our fine doctors here, most doctors do not know jack shit about steroids or recovery. My doctor once told me that clomid would put a hole in my brain.
fuck thats fucked up man shit i dont even know what to do i know that whit out clomid or some kind of help i can loose some weight
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First of all, Dupa, my fine young bro, what's w/ the "stream of consciousness" writing style? Great if you're Faulkner, but hard to read, bro! Use periods.
Anyway, literary references aside, the thing about vaginal bleeding has to do w/ the endometrial lining of the uterus proliferating under the influence of estrogen; nothing to do w/ bleeding in general, or from other organs.
Sounds to me like you had a kidney infection w/ associated bleeding, and you're being treated for that. Is this the impression you got from your doc? Sounds like it's being treated appropriately w/ antibiotics.
I'd wait until off the antibiotics, just so you don't muddy the water, so to speak (don't want to change too many things at once).
If you were only on Sustanon 250mg per week, you may come back on your own pretty quick; depends, I don't think you said how many weeks you were on. Most of the test should be gone after about 4 weeks, which you are coming up on, right?
After antibiotics, you could start post-cycle regimen; I seriously doubt if the onset of bleeding had anything to do w/ the Nolvadex; it was most likely coincidental to the start of your pyelonephritis symptoms.
thx buffdoc you seem like you know what your saying, my cycle looked something like that.
dbol-week1 50 mg a day
dbol week 2-4 30 mg a day
sus250 1 cc a week for 6 weeks
i been off for 3 weeks and couple days now i really dont wana take clomid but if i really have to and i mean have to because of the weight loss then i will but you think from such a small dose i could recover with out pretty quick i only lost 3 lbs since i stoped takeing gear is that good.
ohh my antibiotics end in 2 days i just have this fear of nolva or clomid shit maybe its all in my stupid little brain of my.