Reducing SUSTANON pain ???

Dr. Dianabol

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I will be taking karachi sustanon 250mg's twice a week. Now i have heard of the following ways to lower the pain felt next day from sustanon, first some people never get it but if i do this is what i have been told..

1. warm up the amp for a few mins in boiling hot water
2. take a shower and using rubbing alcohol where injecting
3. i will inject in the glutes and i hear that using a 22 gauge 1.5 inch needle is fine, now do i need to change the tips, as i am not going through a rubber stopper like the one on a vial.

4. massage the area for 5-10 mins after wards.
5. do stairmaster for 10 mins that day to dissipate the oil

please add anything that is to be done, etc.

So, working all day for a little (liiitle) susta pain?:p
I do not have pain from susta, BTW.
I can add my 20 cent: do not heat it too much; do not do stairmaster, just massage it for a minute or so.
Tell us if you really are experiencing that pain, bro;)
I have never had pain from sus/omna...make sure you inject slow...if you do it fast, it may can change needles...and you may have to, i have never been able to draw it fron a 22g, i have to use 18 and then switch to 22g...i do quad shots, since i find them easire then ass could message gently if you like, although i have never had is you cycle experience?

lol! At least you know its real if it hurts!

Your honestly gonna rub your ass for 10 mins after injecting?! lol!

Its not that bad. Some hurt some dont.
Exactly, some hurt, some don't. Rub the buttocks for fewminutes afterwards. Best thing to have almost NO PAIN is to cut it with deca. Enjoy the 20 pound gains!
i had some pain from karachi sus. felt like someone punched me in the ass! noticed that the longer i did it, the less painfull it was.

good luck!
I hate sus pain. For some reason I am one of the unlucky ones that experiences sus pain every time( unless its bunk gear). Thats why I switched to Enanthate.....less pain except for that damn QV T-250...OUCH!!!!
Cut the shot with sterile oil(cottonseed for example) need maybe 2 units gear and one unit should take the sting out of the injection completely.
just cutting it with any oil based inj. works. cutting works with anything, prop, sus, ect.

for me cutting it, stretching the muscle i just shot into, and aleve work to make sure there is no pain