Regarding Competition shape of compedators. . .


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I have been to a few shows latly and it left me wondering something. Why does it seem most of the competitors all get to a certain level of leanness, but only a select few can get REALLY lean to the point of looking outstanding? It always seems the skin seems loose, and the legs are never fully brought in, as well as the definition in the arms. Iv seen HUGE arms and legs that werent as lean as they could be, yet the rest of the body was in pretty good shape. Could it be GH that is making this big difference between the good and the great conditions at shows? I remember readin that it has good fat burning capabilities as well as tightens the skin up. Im hoping some of you guys can really shed some light on this for me.
Dieting down for a show is anything but easy. When you think about it how many of us casually count calories, protein carbs and so on? Well competitors take this to the extreme. It is a world hwere half a glass of soda the day before the show makes the difference between 1st place and 6th place.
it all comes down to water manipulation, and mineral secrets i won't go through.(magnesium-sodium-potassium) you could have all the top 5 guys in a weight class that have 4.5%bf, but they look very different!! muscle maturity, water, and many small things that competitors due to look shredded.