Rotating sites, is this enough?


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For my current cycle, il be doing each glute once a week, right on mondays, left on fridays (1cc). Then when i throw in fina in the 6th week, im gonna stay the same with enanthate in the glutes, and do fina EOD with right delt, left delt, right quad, left quad, repeat. Is that enough rotation? If the fina shot lands on same day as enanthate day, can i mix them and just do one shot?
yes you can mix them. your rotation sounds fine. I use six spots for everyday injections because fina is so easy to inject. injection rotation is up to the individual. if you can handle the oil your body will be fine, if not you will feel it and have to find more spots but you should be fine.
You need to rotate because of the oil build up, causing scar tissue. If you rotate a bunch that wont happen.