Running with a "high" bodyfat %


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Hey bro's...

Has anyone ever run a cycle when thier bodyfat was like.. 15-20%?

Does it make a difference?

Ive read alot of people's first cycles.. and thier initial bodyfat is like.. almost ALWAYS single digits.. rarely ever have I seen someone at liek 12%..

but is it becuase Ive only seen mostly ectomorphic's posts?
are you serious bro? most of the people are in 10-20%.....what do you think bulking stage is for?
The only problem I can see is that while bulking, you will probably put on even more fat. Then again, you can always diet down after the cycle it's not too hard.

I am going to run a cycle in a couple weeks and I am dieting right now only because I don't want the bf% to be too high over the summer. If it were the fall/winter I wouldn't care if I was a bit too flabby!
LOL yea, Im serious .. Im pretty much a noobie when it comes to gear and stuff.

Im only 21, and Ive been training natty for the past few years.

Ive manipulated diet and cardio and training, adn intro'd ECA/NYC/ and clen.. and Im 5'11 @ 235 lbs (currently).. the lowest my bodyfat has ever been was 12%.. and it took me from April to August of last year to get it there.

My bf is usually 15-19% when im not using thermos. I got up to 25% bf when I did an aggressive calorie bulk this past fall.

The reason why I ask is becuase when Ive asked for first cycle advice in the past.. the first thing everyone told me to do is to lower my bf%..

I was wondering if it was just becuase I was a big ole fatty, or if everyone did so :bigok: LOL

WHOA! Dude, thatx a bunch!

it looks easy enough.. whats the macros on the Myoplex? And is it your PWO shake? Could I sub it with something else?

Where does the PWO nutrition fit in in this diet?

Also.. I train first thing in the morning.

Thanks bro
Your BF% isn't going to have an effect on the quanitity of muscle you put on during your cycle. As a matter of fact the % will automatically drop when you add lean mass. BF% is just a number, the % of your total body weight which is fat. If you lose no fat, but put on 3 - 5 lbs of lean mass, you BF% drops a whole point.

Your pounds of lean mass and lbs of fat are what is important here. If you are 200 lbs at 10 % BF, you have 190 lbs lean mass and 10 lbs of fat. Make that lean mass go up!! Don't worry about the %.
I also train first thing in the morning. I will usually eat some oatmeal and eggs for breakfast. When I get back from the gym I have a PWO shake and some fruit. I don't use myoplex though, I just stick with my Optimum Nutrition Protein right now. I can get it for cheap and it tastes good. I don't follow that diet to a "T", but I use it as a guideline. I also find that this site helps ALOT with my diet, . It allows me to keep track of all my calories and macronutrients so I can adjust things throughout the day if needed.
Paulie~ Thanks for the insight. I dont anticipate puttin on any fat pounds.. you've cleared up alot for me.

Mudge~ I was thinking of something around that lines due to the bodyfat-estro correlation..

Easto~ Thanks dude.. the diet looks pretty soild. I'll give it a shot.