Second cycle Testosterone E + EQ


My first cycle was Test P at 450mg 12 weeks everything went great and since the pct I've lost pretty little “gains”.

So for next cycle i was thinking about:
Test E 14-16 weeks 500mg
EQ 16 weeks 400mg
Aromasin 12,5mg ed

Nac , milkthistle and liv52ds for the liver

Q is EQ a lot liver toxic should i expect the liver enzymes to get high?


Actually i didn't gain weight my height is 172cm i weighted 72 kg at first pin went 76 kg mid cycle and then dropped to 74 kg end of cycle. I had more fat than i thought so I only lost a shit load of fat and made solid muscles.
From then till now Im still in almost the same shape more than 3 months after pct.
I would be satisfied if i could get to 76 kg ripped after the pct. So that is my goal.
My diet will be around 3200-3500 calories clean food and will up the calories while on pct to maintain the gains.
Im not competing im just doing it for personal satisfaction.
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curious about your diet during your last pct? did it stay the same as during your cycle or did you make adjustments during the end and pct and after.
I started my cycle with 3500 calories and saw that i was actually losing or maintained same weight so i had to up the calories around 4000 to actually start gain weight. When i got enough bulked and muscular i felt that I had to drop my calories again to 3300-3500 and while on pct i upped the intake again to 4000 calories. Now Im holding my calories 3500 same clean diet while on cycle. I should also mention that i stopped eating any sweets and unhealthy cakes, chocolates, cookies etc. In general i minimized my sugar intake as much as possible I saw immediate change on my body.
I also ran Ostarine at 20 mg (4 weeks) with cardarine on 20mg(12 weeks) while on pct to stop the catabolism.
I have trained for years but i have only been strict with diet and actually been going non stop to the gym for 2 years now.
Im not a professional Im new to this life style and I like the self-confidence and self satisfaction it gives me. I don’t have friends in the country Im living so to be able to get over depression I have to keep myself active all the time.
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I travel around alot as well and know the feeling of not having any friends around. Sucks and thank goodness for internet otherwise I would be going mad.