Short but heavy or long but light??

Hey Mister

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Hey all!

This is just a general questoin.

What do you think is more appropriate for a newbie juicer,

A short but slightly heavy cycle, or a long but relatively light cycle?

Or do you think there is not much difference?
I say test alone 500-600 for 10wks. Maybe low dbol in the beginning. Thats what I did for mine and it couldnt have gone any better.
I would say same as Billy. Test and dbol cycle. You could get some great gains bro.
There is no need for any heavy doses for the novice juicer. A basic 500mg/week test 400mg/week eq cycle for 10 weeks is a great beginner cycle.
It's funny how on some boards "long" is 10-12 weeks and on others "long" is several months to a year...

For newbies, I say stick to 8-12 weekers until you have enough experience to start experimenting.
Dont get too crazy with a first cycle, and dont even think about straying outside of the norm for awhile, until you have a reason too. JMO, stick with what works, 8-10 weeks first cycle.
Heavy in the beggining to start the results then middle strenght till the end of a looong cycle like 4 months. Just be sure u do your homework on recovery.
nekrawulf said:
75 mg tren eod for 3 about slow steady gains GEEZ! playin "kill the newbie" again? :D

I think this cycle you are recommending is rather aggressive for a newbie.

An 8-week Test-only cycle would be great for a newbie IMO.