Short DBol only cycle bad for liver???


A friend of mine is planning on taking 20 x 5mg tabs of DBol for 5 days. Only DBol (no liver protectant or anti e) and for only 5 days.

I know we all know this is a waste of time and I have tried telling him this, BUT my question is.... do you think taking 20 tabs a day will damage his liver or will it cope because the duration is only 5 days?
Well its his time and his money, but as long as he's not going to do himself any damage, I'll stop wasting my time trying to change his mind.

Thanks for the help.
so he is going to take 100mg a day for 5 days? that is a complete waste and for that short of time it should hurt the liver
Comparing benefits to harm, even if the harm is little but I think it will be more than the benefits, till him to wait and train natural for a while and research more and get ready then do it the right way, but what he want to do now is meaningless!! What is he expecting to gain out of a 5 day Dbol intake at this dosage? Even if he gained like an extra Lbs. or maybe 2!! It will be water!! Dbol is taken in the beginning of a cycle to kick start it and add strength and power along with an injectable that will keep going to the end of the cycle to add up to the gains and solidify them. But a 5 days Dbol, come on man!! Tell him be serious :spank:

Maybe I am not the most experienced guy here, but I think a lot agree with me!!
I know he won't gain any muscle taking 100mg a day for 5 days. We all know its a cr@p cycle, waste of time and money but my question was whether people thought it would do any permanent damage to his liver?

crushershockey, I've tried telling him to stop oral only cycles and take up the needles but he is a sissy.