Should I cont wih cycle if gains are growing rapidly? Up to 15 weeks?


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Here it is in brief:
10 week cycle of Sustanon (sust) 500, deca 400

Week 1 - 4 good gains
Week 5 - 7 no gains, plateau (kinda weird, and pissed off too)
Changed workout around and diet and now......for
Week 8 - 10 awesome gains, by leaps and bounds, muscle is packing on.

Should I cont with cycle until gains slow down or stop, or should i stop at 10 weeks because 10 weeks is the norm. Would love to continue with cycle cause noticing superb results, but unsure of side effects it might cause. Testicls are mildly shrunk, not much and my women don't notice them shrunk.:confused:
what is your cycle history?

i have gone as long as 12 weeks with no problem

i ran fina and Winstrol (winny) and test for 10 weeks and then finished up the last two weeks with winny

i took all the proper supps (cranberry, milk thistle, etc.)

had a complete physical about two months after that with urinalysis and blood work.

everything was ok.