Should I keep going or should I just stop?


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Hey guys, so I started my deca/test cycle about 7 and a half weeks ago. I was shooting 200mg of test and 200mg of deca 2 times a week. My starting weight was 205 and I am now at 220 with a pretty decent diet I have made excellent gains and my strength has gone up the roof. Fish, chicken, red meat, vegetables, and fruits are all in my daily diet. Getting into week 6 I started feeling very anxious and began feeling my blood pressure rising to where I felt jittery most of the day. My 7th week I only shot myself with 200mg of test and 200mg of deca trying to taper it down. I also went to the doctor and they told me everything was fine. My blood pressure was fine and my heart was also fine. Now that I know I’m okay should I keep taking 200mg of each 1 time a week or should I completely stop and use pct? Or any other suggestions?
I see no mentioning of an AI or HCG.
Are you using AI ?

Otherwise my first guess would be high E2, high prolactin from the 19-nor and the accompanying high blood pressure and side effects.
Yes, im just repeating what would normally be said but I'm feeling confident here lol

Also, get blood work.
you went to the doctor, they checked your blood pressure amd your heart and said it was fine? did they do your bloodworks?

did you tell them you were on gear?
do you know anything about steroids and esthers, and length of esthers? what pct will you use? age, height? bf%?
I can only guess that with what you're taking and the significant amount of weight you gained that you are not taking an ai. You gotta be holding a bunch of water. The cycle you are on doesn't fully kick in till week 8 with the deca. If you are starting to feel "the shit hit the fan", then most likely you are not using the proper ancillaries.

If you haven't been using an ai, then you should probably plan to do pct before things get real bad for you.
If i were in your shoes I'd start an ai and donate blood every 2 months. Need to control your estrogen and your hematocrit levels
Feeling Anxious and Blood Pressure Spikes.
2 signs of High Estrogen ~ Where's your AI (Arimidex or Aromasin).

FYI ~ next time ask these Questions before you find yourself in Trouble.
All you have to do is post your proposed Cycle, and ask if you have everything ~ Simple.
Trying to Dig yourself out of a Hole ~ Mid-Cycle is No Fun............................. JP