Sick as hell!!


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Bad Test E powder?

I am wondering if anyone has any exp. with this. My test E. powder dried out a little because the bag wasn't sealed good enough. It was like dried rubber cement. I thought it was wasted, like 15 Grams of powder, but I warmed it under hot tap water while it was still in the baggy and it eventually liquified into a semi-clear gel. So I squeezed this jel into my mixing jug and it only measured out to 10Grams, I figured I just wasted some or whatever so I mixed it into 40 ml of test E 250. Did my first inject of 3 cc's (750)mg and that night I got sick as hell. Like the worst flu I ever had. Lasted 36 hours and went away. That was friday. Monday I took 375mg of the same solution, sick as hell again just not as bad as the 750 shot. Large painful warm lumps at both injection sites now. The one from fri, 750 mg, is worse than the lump from the 375 shot. My question is, would the liquid form that I ended up with be a higher concentration somehow. So maybe my dosing is not 250 but like 400 or something stupid like that? Anyone ever have thier test e powder harden up like that to begin with. Should I just make a new batch and see? Hate to toss 35 ml of gear. My rats really need this stuff.
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i had gotten some bad teste powder 100 grams got sick as hell on it. the second batch another 100 grams good to go i know what you mean about tossing it but your health is more important.