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fuck at the moment i d like to cut but i also want to sleep well it is more important to get in shape i tink

so what i do is eat oat before to go to sleep

also some days i take magnesium melatonin earball eyehider and greats thoughts

but maybe guys you have better idea tha to eat carb at night time ?
I"m not quite sure what you are asking/stating.

Do you want advice on how to have a better sleep? Or what to eat before bed?

I like eating cottage cheese mixed with a few berries before bed. Protein lasts in your system longer. Sometimes a few cashews also.

I try to stay away from alot of carbs.....I like having those morning and noon.....but that doesn't really matter if your macros/calorie count is good.
Nightnurse or Co-codamol before bed. Always sorts me out.
Whether thats good for you or your body when building is beyond me so do some research first if your bothered.
Otherwise if your getting into an insomniac stage again then pop a 500mg co-codamol before bed and your reyt.
Your body builds muscle when you sleep. Its important to get enough rest to allow your muscles to grow. Because of the stretch of time you are sleeping its best to have a slower digesting protein like casein before bed. Isolate protien absorbs fast and is best post workout.
BigUps, what kind of casein do you like? I havent found one that I've bought twice.

I personaly like optimum nutrition products. They got quality stuff plus it doesnt taste like ass. I take my post workout drink with a half cup of oats and drink the casein shake before bed.