Somatropin Reaction, What to do!!!


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I'm 37 and started Novatis-Bio somatropin 2iu ED for 9 days
The first 5 days injecting into stomach left little red marks that went away after 3 days and was OK
After day five these red 20cent marks started turning into 50 cent red, swollen itchy lumps.
i thought it might of been a contaminated shot so used another bottle in which it did the same.
im thinking this must be a skin reaction and not an allergic reaction as Ive read on blogs.....

My question is can i push past this swollen stage? does my body get us to it??
Ive stopped ATM after 9 days on,
So it was ok for 5 days, maybe 5 days on 2 days of???
Do i have to wait for these lumps to dissapered before i start again or just move a little bit away from existing sight??

can anyone shed some light on this issue!!!!!