Swelling after injecting Geneza products. Help


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Earlier this year I started using ********** Test Enanthate 250 mg. This was the first time injecting, ever. The liquid in the vial had a yellowish tint. I did 2 cc each week for 3 months. Each time I would pin myself in the quad, I would only be sore for about 1-2 days. No swelling. Life was good. As far as I know, my injection technique was good as I've been shooting my quads twice a week for 3 months.

After my supply of ARL's Test E had ended, I bought Geneza Pharmeceuticals Test Cypionate 250 mg.

I then shot my quad with the Test Cypionate and I didn't feel any pain the few next days after. After the 4th or 5th day, my quad started to swell up really bad, even my knee was swollen.
The swollen area on my quad, where the injection had occurred, was a little warm but no colors were present.

I injected Geneza's Test C four more times after that and the same thing would happen. I even lowered the dose and I would still get the painful lumps on my quad/glute. I was limping and I could barely workout. I gave up after the 4th injection and threw the vial away.

My friend, who I ordered the Geneza's Test C with, has his own Geneza Test C 250 mg vials. And he doesn't get the same reaction as I do. He says he's just sore for 1-2 days after pinning and no swelling occurs (which to me is normal).

I then took 3 months off from injecting. I then ordered Geneza's primobolan. I shot my glute with 1cc and experienced very little pain. 1 painless week after the shot, a big "lump" started to grow from the injection site. It was the Same reaction I got from the Geneza's test C. I then shot my quad with 1cc of Geneza's primo, and again, 4 days later a big painful lump grew.

These swollen lumps are painful and some days I have to limp. I don't want to the vials I had ordered to go waste. Does anybody know if my body will get used to Geneza's oil?

-I'm fine dealing with the pain, I just don't like the consistent swelling I get with Geneza products.

Thank you all for your time.
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I had the same reaction with GP last time around. I'm not bashing the product b.c it worked but i think it might have something to do with the oil they use or the amount of bac in the test which causes some people the unfortunate few to react badly to it. Not 100% but thats my 2cents. I didn't want my shit to go to waste either so I kept at it but pretty much limped the entirety of it.
ive had this happen with some stuff ive used before as well . To the point i couldnt walk a few days later if i hit glutes or quads . didnt even try pinning anything else or i would be a vegetable . What i used had to do with the potency . It was T-400 . but ive also used very very smooth T-400 . It can have to do possibly with the preservatives used . the EO in the blend or BA . some labs use more an maybe its a reaction . that or it can be ur missing the muscle and the gear is travelling . But if technique is right , id say its the preservatives and u reacting to them . Oh yah , and for me i never got used to . 10 weeks .. and i could tell i wouldnt get used to it any time soon . Dont think u will any time soon if it keeps happening over every time u pin .
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I've tried several Geneza products from naps and the primo for some reason the primo caused swelling. I think it has something to do with oils used. I didn't think it was to big of a deal.