Shasta McNasty

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Just wondering if anyone can help? I have been experiencing soreness on the top and sides of my pecs recently but not around the nipple area. It's not the usual workout soreness but rather just occassional (becoming more frequent) aches, sometimes intense. They come and go.

The only thing I'm taking is Methyl 1-D and it has only been just over two weeks.

Could this be muscle growth or does anyone else have any ideas?
Soreness and muscle growth are not necessarily related. But it could be a sign that you are working hard on an area of your body previously undertrained. Unless the soreness is very intense, it is probably typical delayed onset muscle soreness.
Shasta McNasty said:
Thanks for the quick response.

Any chance it could be related to the Methyl?

Unlikely, that would not really be a typical side effect of the Methyl. Most likely it is the usual muscle soreness that is common at the beginning of any new routine.