Sorry flooding board bro's!

DangerousGrounds said:
I took dexadrine 15mgs and 2 ripped fuels type about 300 words a min. lol
Brain is funtioning fast now.

Is that all? I do that with one hand.
Re: Re: Sorry flooding board bro's!

Easto said:
Is that all? I do that with one hand.

yes but I'm posting on about 10 boards at once lol and smoking a J.
My pecker is limp in my other hand typing with nose!
no shit, may be off topic, BUT>> I just finished my cycle last week so that sucks, Im half snowed in, and Im jonesing!!! :mad: :cool:
I met so many friends on here so nice to break bolex 2 yr habbit miss them to but needed to meet more people than I was.
It is kind of a war w.elite and bloex, most go to one or other.

I stayed at bolex 2 yrs rarley venturing out of little cage I was in.

I do miss friends I made helped me out at times but admin and me don't hit it off well. The truth always hurts to hear and am slways one to speak opinions even if goes against the what everyone else thinks and see a bigger picture.