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Hey guys can anyone answer this question?

You do an IM injection.

You pull back on the plunger when your in, just to check your not in a vein, artuary etc... everythings fine...

Then you pull the pin out nice n smooth, no pain, no nerves hit no obvious probs...

BUT, you get a good run of blood come out... It's rare i must admit, but I have just had it happen today on a quad shot (glutes were gettin sore lol)

Have I just lost a good portion of my juice? should I re-inject at another site?

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That may be happening due to movement once you inject. If you move while you depress the plunger (aka fishing) you will often times get the blow back due to the tip of the syringe doing some cuting. Hell, I had a gusher once that I had to use muriatic acid to clean up the grout in the tile. Alot easier if you have someone pump ya.


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Its common. I wouldn't reinject. You may lose a small amount, but its probably blood comming from a small vessel. The solution spreads out as you inject, so its not all in one spot.