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How does a woman use(for 4 weeks) Nolvadex and Winstrol (winny) cpr(8 mg ED) and Clen/T3 properly to loose bodyfat?
Is Ok 25 mg Provirno ED?And Metformine ?And yohimbine?
T3: it needs to be pyramided..
this is taken from Cycleon over at


Its pretty simple really – 5/40/55 is a time-based formula whereby X% of the time of the entire cycle should be spent in one of 3 periods – up/constant/down:

RULE – 1
5% of the time is spent ramping up to your maximum
40% of the time is at your maximum
55% of the time is spent ramping down to cessation (nothing)

RULE – 2
Each up/down period is further broken down into equal segments for each dosing level with the emphasis being the dosing level toward the end of the period.

RULE – 3
I dont ever recommend taking more than 125mcg per day and 100mcg will do for most. Above this amount is quite catabolic without hefty concurrent doses of AAS. There are those who advocate higher doses and it is feasible to do so but IMO the effectiveness gains above 100mcg are not worth it.

Example 1
An example for a 20-day cycle with a max of 100mcg ED using 25mcg pills. Calculate the number of days of each period first (Notice that where the up/down period is unable to be broken into 3 exactly equal parts, the extra is put on the dose level at the last part of the period. (.5) means 1/2 a pill or 12.5mcg

4 days 6days 10days
5% 40% 55%
2 44444444 33222111.5.5.5

Example 2
An example for a 60-day cycle with a max of 125mcg ED using 25mcg pills. Notice that where the up/down period is unable to be broken into 3 exactly equal parts, the extra is put on the dose level at the last part of the period.

12 days 18days 30days
5% 40% 55%
234 555555555555555555555555 44444433333322222221111111.


he gave a great example of how to run T3.. but to break it down even further..
day 1: 5 mcg
day 2: 10mcg
day 3: 15mcg
day 4: 20 mcg
day 5: 25 mcg and so on and so forth.. peaking out at 80mcg but then IMO you really should take 2 weeks post the 4 you are training/cycling for to taper down to insure no rebound...
Honestly, for female usage i personally would peak out at 80mcg a day at the absolute most...

but a taper up and a taper down is mandatory to prevent any possible rebound and dependence... an 8 week cycle is better, but a 4 week cycle is possible...

CLENBUTEROL: the most common way to run it is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off (substituted with and eca stack) Normally i taper it up and then run it at its peak til the end and then star the eca.. like this:
day 1: 1 tab
day 2: 1 tabs
day 3: 2 tabs
day 4: 2 tabs
day 5: 3 tabs and then run it for the next 9 days here or if you feel it is not enough, raise it to 4 or 5 tabs.. but maintain the peak dosage...

NOLVADEX: ok.. I personally do not use nor reccommend nolvadex for a woman unless she is competing because there is a mad estrogen rebound effect, not to mention the many menstrual side effects.. plus it really only works when the female is already quite lean.. single digits %... but a dosage of 10-20 mg for 4 weeks combined with the proviron will help with muscle hardening and getting rid of stubborn female bodyfat...

PROVIRON: 25mg ED for 4 weeks MAX.. it is still a harsh androgen and can cause virilization like other AAS.. so i would not exceed 25mg a day.. also note that in females it tends to really dry you out.. it has the tendency to dry out hair and skin/nails making everything brittle...

****** women MUST be very careful when stacking proviron and nolvadex... remember that virilization is permanant and the risk is high with this combination.. personally IMO i would choose proviron for the 4 weeks over the Nolv...

WINNY... 10mg ED with tabs...EOD with injectable or 25mg every 3rd-4th day... run it straight.. no real taper necessary.

Yohimbine.. topically??? well it is site senstive and will hold water so keep this in mind if you are pre-contest as it must be cut a week out..
Metformine.. i have absolutely no idea.. never even heard of it.. generic name?? or brand??

OK.. Hope that helps getting your questions answered a bit.. i hope others will chime in..