Starting week 5, nothing happening.


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My deca/test cycle (first) is making me nervous. I should be feeling it by the end of this week, right? now I really wish I would have thrown some dbol in or frontloaded, waiting this long sucks.
You either have fake gear, your genetics suck, your not eating enough, or a combo of the last 2.

Being that it is your first cycle, you should have made pretty big gains by now
You are only starting week # 5, so you really are just 4 weeks into your cycle. I wouldn't be too overly concerned quite yet. It is not all that uncommon for those long acting esters to take 4-5 weeks to really kick-in.
I agree with SC.......HOWEVER you SHOULD notice "something" soon..........or then I'd be worried. Also, hopefully you ARE feeding correctly (as LS pointed out).

By the way.....what are your age/stats and what exactly does your cycle look like?
What kind of gear is it first?

And second, this is somewhat of a "normal" thing for a lot of first time users. They are expecting these crazy gains and dont notice that they have made a little progress in the 4-5 weeks that they are on. IMO, when your 'searching' for the gains, they dont seem as prominent as when you just let it all hit you.
That was my first injectable cycle too. After 5 weeks I just started to feel it and then on week 6 it was very noticable.

Double check your source with a mod and let us know the brands and lot #'s so we can check legitimacy.
Man, everyone I know grew more in their first 5 weeks than the rest of the cycle.

I gained 22lbs on 200mg of primo a week, 50mg of Winstrol (winny) EOD, and 250mg of Durateston a week for only 6 weeks. I know I wasnt an exception to the rule.

I dont care about how long the esters are, gear is released right away and this release should promote gains.

Jesus, the men in the 600mg Enanthate study gained 12lbs over 10 weeks and they didnt train or change their diet!

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I am 5'10" ,24yrs., 215 lbs. 15%bf (guess). The gear is EQL test enan at 400mgs/wk and EQL deca at 300mgs/wk. I did a source check with good mods so I really doubt it is fake, plus I don't think there are any EQL fakes. I may have misled a little bit, when I started the cycle I was about 208lbs. so I have put on a little bit. I guess Iam realy looking for muscle size, not a bigger gut. I am eating like horse and get about 250mgs protein per day. My appetite has increased a little since i started the cycle. It may be that I am expecting too much.
You definitely need more than 250 grams of protein on a bulking cycle, that could be part of the problem. With your bodyweight< i would be aiming for 300-350 grams
Hey bro,
Sounds like you're getting there. I agree, up your protein a little. Are you training all out?
I know my first time on test I really noticed an ability in the gym to go harder, longer, and w/ shorter breaks (or was that the bedroom?)
Balls to the wall, MFYB!