Strength Gains.


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K heres my deal.

I am 24yo currently bulkin at 201lb 5'11.
I have just finished one cycle of EQ of 10wks 450mg/wk

I started training my legs a little before starting the cycle, and have never worked them out before that. I had tiny little chicken legs and my upperbody was just looking way out of proportion. I decidet to give legs a shot for some time and ended up enjoying training legs ALOT!

Well I began training beggining of october 06' and they have grown conciderably even over the last month.

I am just curios is it bad to gain rapid strength/size so fast , and should I not lift like a mad man ( I give it all I got and go all out every time)

Just to give you guys a clue I started out with squats
185lb x8
3-4 weeeks ago it was 335x8
Last night I hit 385 x 9 !!!

I mean I am off the cycle my post cycle therapy (pct) is almost over and I am gaining stregth and size still???
I try to add weight and push myself everytime I hit my legs but I am worried I will injure myself somehow. I don't think my legs are made to push this much so fast, would you just keep going or slow it down for a week or two and try to go bit lighter with more reps? Tossin maybe high reps of 315lb?

I messed up my shoulder/trap (one of the two hurts) while benching heavy.

Before starting legs and cycle I was at 225x10
Now I can rep 315x6! ...well could, the shoulder injury is killing me and I can't really take the bar low anymore and it hurts like a biotch I really don't want to mess anything else up it sucks working around things becouse of an injury it really throws me off.

So my question is do you guys switch from lifting heavy all the time to moderate and maybe even light? I always lifted heavy and everytime I go I try to do a little better maybe this is just the wrong mindset I have.
i'm not sure about the cycle lifts but in a month, 4 weeks, try week 1 light week2 heavy and so on. it works for me
If it hurts dont do that exercise ---work around the injury that is the name o fthe game.

As far as injuries and squats----Keep form nice and perfect and warm up correctly and you should be good. Dont be afraid to wear knee sleeves or a belt if you have previous injuries or doctors orders.

Best of luck