Stupid question about Protein Powder


I see most makers of protein powder reccommed mixing one scoop (25 grams) in 12-16 oz. of water.

I mix 2 scoops in about 10 ozs water.

My question is; does this affect anything like absorption of the protein ???
alot of protein powders vary on how much water to put in there, so im guessing it is just their recommendateion on how much to put in there so you can easily dissolve the protein. Because I dont think their protein powder would be too popular if you couldnt dissolve it and had to chew it
I don't think its a stupid question. I don't really know the answer but I will say this:

We all know that muscles are made up mostly of water and that copious amounts of water need to be present to synthesize protein into muscle. Therefore it seems possible that even if you could absorb as much protein as you can swallow, it might not do you much good unless it is accompanied by plenty of water.

Well i have read that water helps with food digestion, so I guess you could conclude that it would help with the digestion. I have noticed this big time when eating, I always make sure to drink atleast 500ml after each meal to help with digestion, it allows me to eat about 30mins earlier, great for bulking.

If you don't like the taste of your shake so watered down, just drink a couple glasses of water after it, its defiently not going to hurt thats for sure.
Fats really help with digestion! I always include some peanut butter or flax in my shake. I only use 8oz with up to 3 scoops of protien. I always drink another glass of water to wash down the taste after.

Note: I truely believe your body can digest more than 40 grams of protien per sitting! I usually take in 50-75 per shake!
I am with you lawnsaver, 40 gramsof protein doens't even come close to fill me up with a good amoutn of carbs no matter what the protein source.
S.C., i add 2 scoops too and dont add any more water either. haven't had any problems. as with lawnsaver i take w/flax
whey proten mix

Whey protein in vanilla flavor mixed with O.J. will give you great results and absortion . Give it a try cant hurt. Tear IT Up Mad Dog!