Sus vs Enan as TRT daily injections


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Hello guys,

i was just wondering if i am gonna feel a difference using sustanon vs my normal enanthate TRT.

My pharmacy was out but due to im injecting daily my guess is that i will still have a steady level testosterone even using a faster esther. Right ?? Maybe even feeling it hitting harder ??

Anyone using Sustanon on TRT ?

Looking forward to some feedback.



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be watchful of sides ,since its 4 esthers instead of the 1 that you are presently taking.
how often are you doing blood test during your trt?


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Some people love sust. The consensus on this board is not so much.

I think if your injection schedule is frequent, like say 2x per week, you'll not notice any difference. If less frequent like 1x per week or longer, you'll see a bigger rush soon after your shot and feel low toward the end of the period.