suspension + anadrol


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need some educated help. all i have been able to come across is some suspension (100mg/1ml) anadrol-50, and sostenon 250 (10cc's). i've used the first two together before with good results, but i experimented with the doses, and for some reason, i did better with lower doses than higher ones in regards to size. seemed bigger with lower use, but harder with less weight gain on higher use. i've recently had an injury and am now back to snuff. i have gained 25 of the 50 pds i lost and would like to gain back the rest with quality. i know this cycle probably won't make much quality, but quantity ain't bad either-need some suggestions about how to use

also training with P/RR/S
300-350 g protein/day-wt of 260
training 15 years-on for 10