Synovex and severe headaches?


Banned, had no choice
i made the synovex last thursday/saturday morning. I did my first shot saturday, and Sunday i started to feel a cold coming on. Yesterday, i had a definite sore throat and runny nose, and last night when i went to bed, or tied to, I got a severe headache. So bad that I couldnt sleep. It is very icy where i live, and we dont usually see any snow anytime. Well, i drove to my gf apartment against my best judgement last night, and then drove back home around 1 am. When i was laying in bed, dont laugh, i honestly was think, did I get in a wreck and die last night and went to hell? I literally was in soo much pain. I was searching and searching for year old vikes I had stashed away to no avail(makes me kinda wish I was still a pill popper) BAck to my question, im pretty sure i got all the methyl alcohol out, but could it be some got through, or that I didnt get all the binders out or something? Ive never gotten a migraine before. It felt like it was eating my brain away, so thats when i thought about the methyl alcohol.
Iced: headaches suck bro! Ineed!

Unfortunately....heaqdaches are one of the most difficult things to diagnose in terms of origin! There are SOOOOO many things that can fascilitate its onset bro!

It "could" be the Synovex.......but, how can you be certain?

What have you done to alleviate these symptoms so far?
If you are sitting around writhing in pain waitng for your Ibuprofen to kick in, you could always try these potential remedies:

If you'd rather not pop a pill every time life sits heavy on your shoulders, take matters into your own hands. Try the massage techniques recommended by Elliot Greene, former president of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Start by spreading the fingertips of both hands across the crest of your forehead. Apply enough pressure to manipulate the scalp. "Don't try to plow a furrow in your skull," says Greene. "But don't merely stroke the skin. Your fingertips should be moving, stretching, the scalp itself." After a few seconds, move your fingertips farther back on the scalp and repeat. Continue until you've massaged your entire scalp from front to back, including the area above and around your ears.

Next, grasp a small amount of hair in one hand. Gently lift the hair away from your scalp and lightly twist the skin. By increasing blood flow to the muscles of the scalp, this stimulation helps relieve scalp muscular tension. Repeat until you've covered the whole scalp.

Now massage your temples and forehead, making concentric circles with your fingertips. Rhythmically, "dig" the balls of the first finger of each hand into the bridge of your nose. Press, and release, press and release. Lightly stroke the hollows of your eyes. Repeat these massage techniques for several minutes, or until you feel your headache subsiding. You can also rub the back of your neck. Apply hard pressure to the juncture of the neck and skull.

Finish with a trapezius-to-shoulder rub: With your right hand, lightly squeeze the muscles of your left shoulder and trapezoid for several seconds. Release and squeeze several times. Now massage your right side with your left hand. Breathing deeply and regularly during the entire massage will help you stay relaxed.

Oh, one other area that deserves attention: your feet. That's right, I said feet! When your head starts pounding, lavish some tender, loving care on your aching underpinnings. An established but under-utilized pain remedy employs a one-two punch of heat combined with cold to reduce the pounding in your head.

First, fill a bucket or tub with hot water--as hot as you can stand it--and immerse your feet up to the ankles. This draws blood downward, away from your pounding head. As you're soaking, hold an ice pack or cold cloth to your forehead and temples.

If your headache derives from sinus congestion, you might try this additional technique: cover your head with a towel, bend over the tub, and breathe the steam rising from the water. Be careful not to burn your tootsies or freeze your face.

Hope you feel better bro.......:afro:
that actually helped a bit, but it still hurts,

I had taken tavist-D for my cold symptoms, and about 3 naproxen last night, which seemed to make it worst. What are the signs of a migraine?

BTW, out of curiousity, what kind of doctor are you?