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have you guys every used it what does it do and yes i did do my research all i can find that it make you swell up is this right or wrong??

does just fill you muscle with alot of water or does it maek your muscle grow???
Send Milos and email via his web site and ask him how good synthol is for the body. The shit nearly cost him his life last year.

This shit can be extremely dangerous not to mention the sides are still unknown. There is no need nor purpose for this type of chemical in the sport of BB.

stay clear of it!

Milos comments on Synthol.
From Chads site:

Well, it is not something I would like to talk about, but just as I made myself an example in the FLEX magazine interview (to possibly discourage all of you to use this deadly substance) I would reemphasize that synthol is plain dangerous!

I have tremendous coronary arteries blockage (EXTREMLY DANGEROUS) due to passage of this oil through my heart.
Needless to say - I am in high risk group of people with cardiac arrest possibility in the near future!

I urge all of you NOT TO USE IT, and if anyone can learn from my mistake all this (my public embarrassment) would be worth it!
Synthol is not worth five minutes of fame,I was just reading about a guy that was injecting motor oil-Yea I said motor oil.It seeped into his veins and killed him he was a big guy too but thought this would give him a edge,the only thing it did was end his life.Synthol is no different except vehicles wont run on it...
Milos was having his wife hit one of his bi's......not only he f'cked himself up he f'cked his family up during the ordeal. sombat