Tell me about Halo


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I hear it mentioned and see a lot of guys are on it. Also, i heard in my videos a lot of the pro's use it. Can someone tell me about it?
halo is a 17aa oral steroid. it is one of the most toxic drugs besides anadrol. usually it is used by bodybuilders precontest because it increases androgens without aromatizing therfor you won't get any bloat and your muscles if lean enough will appear alot harder. it is also uised by powerlifters because halo increases strength dramatically without weight gain. this is not a drug to tinker with because it also invreases aggression darmatically that is why they call it the angry ppill
I use Halo's precontest only when I drop most of my test, except for prop. The description above is on the money.

If you have trouble sleeping or have nightmares, wait til you jump on some halos, look out!!
I thought they were good for strength, but not great for size. You could run a Anavar (var) d-ball cycle with less sides and more strength and mass.
it seemed to me they were good for strength , and especially good for hardening up, not all that good for mass , at all. as for toxicity, these guys advice is probably better than mine, i had no sides at all except for a short temper.