Test and tendons - Post surgery


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Hi all,
Earlier this year I ruptured the biceps long head tendon and went for a surgery. Everything went well and I'm 4 months into recovery now.
I have been training for quite a while now but not pushing heavy, still giving my body the time to recover (i.e. benchpress 205lbs compared to 415lbs before the surgery)

I was thinking of running Test P + Var (12 weeks for Test and 6 weeks for Var) while maintaining the same weights I lift today. The purpose is to build some lean mass, and by the time the cycle is over I would have been fully recovered.

I have read somewhere that Testosterone decreases collagen synthesis, which has an adverse effect on the tendons. what are your thoughts on this?

I have been running GH at 4IU/day, and I plan on keeping it throughout the cycle.

Age: 32
Height: 5'10
Weight: 210lbs @ 16~18% BF
Training experience: 15 years
Cycle experience: Ran few Test P only cycles, and a couple of Test P + Var cycles.

why not wait till your fully recovered, Test 4 months after surgery dont sound good, the collagen decrease from test alone. looks like an accident waiting to happen....
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I have probably read the same thing you have about collagen synthesis, it says don't exceed 200 mg/wk test because above that level it starts to work against you. Also says boldenone and nandrolone are good for synthesis, and gives some percentage figures.

If it was me I'd try low test and thrown in those other two compounds. I'd also stay where I was presently on biceps work, in terms of weight, to be sure I wasn't overdoing it before getting healed.
why not wait till your fully recovered, Test 4 months after surgery dont sound good, the collagen decrease from test alone. looks like an accident waiting to happen....

Listen this ^^ is good except IMOP you do not need var. Why, I am assuming you are thinking to help bring the BF% down...?

It's only going to help water ret in IMOP and it will be a waste. I tell you it is your diet. Ya know when a guy is cutting for a show we for 3 months (in most cases and myself) we don't begin to input our leaning gear until we have begun to burn the fat tissue (if any) and our Bulk weight is down. That is our diet.Then really a 19 nor , say Winstrol , Primo etc... to get the water out and to dry out..

I think you can input a low dose test if you continue to go lighter and increase your reps. The increased reps will help to harden and let your tendons get stronger. You know the stress of heavy weight can be detrimental . Also the increased reps will burn the fat. One more important is your joints get them up to par.

Now lets think of what Test does. Ah ha the increase metabolism of protein into muscle. So ok do a light dose and get you Test level up to accomplish this ^^. Makes sense, and a Simple Simon smart theory but factual IMOP.

Good Luck and really man we want you to keep us posted. That's how we lean on Ology , which is what this forum is all about. AT least I wanna hear how this works out and the fact you of you NOT getting injured.

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I'm currently working out normally except that I'm keeping my weights low and taking it easy with rep range 10~15
My plan was to do Test P 150 EOD to increase muscle mass after going down from 240lbs and shed some fats..In terms of weights I'll keep them where I am today..so I'm not quite sure if this level of test will compromise collagen synthesis? i'm actually not sure if collagen synthesis helps at all with those kind of surgeries, since it wasn't a partial tear that is recovering..