Test e/ tren e/ deca cycle


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Hello all,

I am more than happy to join this board do to the fact that the boards Are nothing but bro science. Everything seems to be a matter of opinion versus facts and experience. On the previous board, it was suggested to steer clear of dbol, and to administer TBOL, winny, or var instead. It was said that dbol would aromatize testosterone significantly with my %bf and would leave the risk of severe gyno and prevent the absorption of nutrients. After researching , dbol seems like the better choice vs. the others suggested because of the sides. I picked this board because most people seem very knowledgeable and very proactive in their advice. I look forward to hearing the feedback.

Here is my stats


height: 6'1"

weight:207 lbs.

bf: 18%

train: 6 days pw

past cycle history: 3 test e cycles along with two classic deca/test as well.

here is what my future cycle plan looks like so far:

wks 1-4: dbol 25mg ed

wks1-12: test e 600mg pw

wks1-12: tren e 200-300mg pw

wks1-12 :arimidex .5mg eod

wks2-12: hCG 500 iu every five days

may possibly run dbol wks 8-12 as well after I hear others opinions.

My goal is to lower body fat and to increase with a lean bulk physique.

Working to get into the groove of a diet plan with 2500-3000 cal per day dividing those into 50/30/20 Protein/fat/carb ratio.


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i know other dudes will have a lot more to add but what i can say is that dbol usually isnt chosen to finish with at the end of a cycle because of that aromatization and water retention it causes. some guys do it but most will choose something on the dryer side.