Test E , Win , Eq any tips for this cycle?


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doing first cycle with Eq done a few other cycles with test/dbol/win , test/tren test/var , var/dbol/test

currently on test 250mg E5d , winny tablets 40 mg a day, eq 375 mg e5d
been running same test dosages for 8 months now sence august did dbol sep-dec,, so now im on winnys for 1 week, eq into 3rd week
goal with cycle getting more lean and lower bf% diet is in check training going well.
stats 28 years around 13-14% bf im guessing. body weight 225 pounds or 102 kg ca.

so im trying eq out. a question . how important is it to donate blood? about the hemo thing hear some say it is important and some says its overrated?
never really experienced any harsh side effects on the cycles above, i dont like tren tho too much sweating and insomnia also some aggresion on it. so i avoid it.
also any tips on this cycle? :)