Test, EQ, Winny and GH


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I got 2) vials of test400, 2) vials 50mL of 50mg/mL EQ, 1) vial 20mL of Winstrol 100mg/mL 1) vial of somaject. How does everone suggest I dose all this gear?
First of all captain, your last post was totally unacceptable, we dont want/need to know where you got it from, i suggest you read the rules bro.

Now tell me, is this your first cycle? What is your age, height, weight, etc. we need to know stats

I am 27. 5 foot 6. I weigh 180lbs. I did do a cycle of just test alone a few years back and got nothing off of it. If you ask me the stuff was bunk. So, I'd have to say yes, this is my first cycle.

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Re: Re: Stats

StoneColdNTO said:
400 mg Test/week for 8-10 weeks. Leave ALL the other stuff you have for another cycle.

Yup. I agree completely.