Test Extraction From Gel


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Ok here's the deal. My doc has me on hormopne replacement therapy. This consists of 1 inj every other week of Test Cyp. However recently I decided to try the Androgel that he prescribed originally since I had the script on file with the pharmacy. I noticed that one 30 day supply of this stuff contains 5grams of Test. (Of course it's short acting and I think the absorbtion rate is only like 60% best case scenario) I have since decided to stick with the injections because A) That shit is a pain in the ass to deal with B) I am on accutane and due to the high alchohol content in the gel, and it dries the hell out of my skin C) It's an every day soon-as-you-get-out-of-the-shower kind of deal. (I alway run late in the mornings and don not have the time for this. Now here's my question. Is there a way to somehow extract the test out of the gel and get it back to a powder form? If so, I could just add the powder to oil and save some $$ since my current injectable cyp is not covered by my cheap a$$ insurance company. Is this possible? Seems like there should be a way given the high test content. Hell, even if you lost half in the process it would still yeild a considerable amount. Well, what do you guys think?
I posted this incorrectly before. Each UNIT contains 5g of test. The box is a 30 unit box for use over 30 days. The question still reamains, is it possible to extract the raw test back out of Androgel?
gama, something doesn't add up here, isn't AndroGel only 1% testosterone, therefore 5 grams of gel is only 50 mg. of test.
Then a 30 day supply is 1.5 grams of test or 6 amps @ 250 mg/ml.
Suppose there was a way to extract it safely, to me anyways, it would be too much hassle and risk (possibility of injecting impurities) involved in trying to extract that little bit.
Even those numbers sound way too high, you know what you dosage of Injectable is a month, so wouldn't the actual test in the gel be comparable to that, now we are talking less than 1/2 gram, making this whole excercise even more futile.

Now this is just my opinion, so it could be a little off base, but I think you get the idea.
Probably right SC....

I'm just going by the box. However, it does stand to reason that there is a much greater content by volume due to the shitty absorbtion rate. I just thought that with all the internet chemists we know someone may have figured out how to do such a thing as easy and safely as a Fina conversion. I agree that the idea is pretty silly but one never knows until one asks!! lol I figure I'll just rub that nasty shit on to use it up for some extra kick around week 4 of this cycle and follow it with some lotion or something for the skin issue. BTW, it just occured to me that the 5g may mean how much gel is in each little package because it does say, as you stated before, 1% test. Guess I should've thought about that before wasting board space with something stupid huh? Sorry guys. Next time I ask something silly I'll try to at least make it funny like: Is it OK to inject test right into my nuts?