Test Flu


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I have a really good feeling that someone has already posted this... but I couldnt find it.

I started a cycle of Test E 250 4 days ago. Two days after the first injection I got really sick.. I felt extremely weak,muscle cramps,nausiated,diahria,shaking,anxious,feverish. That was yesterday, it was hell. I felt a little like that today, but I am feeling a little better. I feel like I could eat all day long as well. This is my 2nd cycle FYI... never had this happen in the first.

is this the so called Test Flu? and what can I do to get better? I am NOT going to stop cycle unless told to. I am OD'n on vitamin C at the moment.


Could be test flu. Had it happen to me twice, only when I do Sustanon (sust). I like to go get a tan, the extra heat somehow cures me in a few days. I continue my cycle and just take a few days off training.


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I've had the test flu before. Not as bad as you described it, just weak and tired and out of it. Goes away in a couple days. I just rode it out, tried to get some extra sleep.


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i am running some Sustanon (sust) for the first time, and i think ive got the test flu, it didnt hit me until my 2nd shot. i feel like ass. tired, some nausea here and there, i never had it with Test E.


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I think i have the test flu right now myself....gave myself 2nd inject yesterday into leg...first went into delt and is still sore.....I have a temp of around 99.8 and am feeling pretty run down. Never had it with Test Cyp. but this is my first time ussing Test enanthate with the addition of tbol. Should i maybe drop the tbol for now?