Test help?


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if you don't know what test is you are not even close to being ready to start cycling... test is testosterone, should be run with every cycle... run test only for your first cycle.. 500mg/week


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Def. what crusher said. For your first cycle you should do test(osterone) only! What are your stats? ie:age, weight, training exp. ect. ect.


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where you you live...shyt do they sell deca behind the counter over there...no they dont sell deca behind a counter unless you live in mexico....

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ok im shaking my head in disbelief...... really, i am but its a question...test cannot be purchased from 7-11 or big bee, or avondale or the local shoppers drug mart..UNLESS PRESCRIBED TO YOU BY A PHYSICAN ...um test is something that you can read on on the STERIOD PROFILE ON THE HOMEPAGE OK....but bro i really dont think you should experiment with anything right now .....im really biting my tongue...just listen to me youngblood........goodboy..RESEARCH ALOT FIRST..BUT ASK US OR ME IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION...
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