test or sustenon?


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would you recommend 500mg of sauce weeks 1-12 or test enath. 400mg weeks 1-12 for a first i am 25 yrs old 14% bf 210lbs, thanks
i was gonna order from an on-line source but have decided to take a trip to mexico to get my gear, is test enath. avail over in mex?
YES enantat is very available in mexico.
Check out QV for starts...
Also start with 500mg a weeks 400 is just not enough in my opinion.
but what about the 2 compounds which is better for a first?

What two compounds ?? You mean Sust & Test........Sust is test with 4 different esters. :confused:

For a first cycle, stick with just one compound.

I'd get some Test Enanthate and do it @400mg/week for 8-10 weeks.

Do you know about anti-e's, nolvadex & clomid ??

You might want to do a little more research before making you trip ?
is test 200 a good form of test enath. ive heard some bad things bout it

If you are talking about brovel or tornel it is garbage. Stick with QV or Loeffler.
If you are serious about your body and looks then I would suggest doing some more research before diving head first into a cycle. We are all different and all react different to different compounds. Just because I dont like sust does not mean that it wont work well for you.
I dont know, even though test enanthate may give you higher blood levels cause it is one ester, at least you will be getting human grade gear when you buy sustanon. ;) But the enanthate is prbably cheaper anyway. so go with it and do sustanon later
ive been doing research for the past year and i feel i am pretty knowlegeable on gear, and yes i do have all my nolvadex and clomis already on-hand, im just town between what cycle i wanna do, my diet is already clean and i do cardio 2-3x a week 20min sessions, im just looking to get the best advise possible from some people that have been down that road. im probably gonna be getting my gear from mexico and ive heard that tornel and brovel were garbage and i dint know if any other co.'s were out there i know i can find "sauce" everywhere, so thats why im debating between the 2, if i can get some quality test. enath i would much rather hit that for a first
If you are looking for some high quality Test Enan., then go ahead and get you some ICN's by Galenika, it is human grade and it is top quality Enan., also it is 250mgs.
No, it is Euro gear. It is not that hard to find though, and it is not that expensive, in fact it goes for as low as $6-$7 an amp!!!
Very Slim. Most of the Test in Mex is Vet grade gear, which does not mean it is not good, QV makes very good stuff.