Test P versus Test PP and do UGL's just use one product and change labels...


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I got some Test Phenylpropionate and Test propionate from the same source UGL. Then it dawned on me, is this stuff really any different or did this UGL just slap two different labels on the same product. So I am wondering from those who have experience with Phenylpropionate and propionate esters if there are telltale signs that one is different than the other and what would I be looking to feel in my body?

I heard PP and P are pretty darn close in effects and that's why i was just thinking if I was a UGL why would I bother stocking both when I can just market them and label the same product differently..It's important to me because I got them for two different purposes:

Test PhenylPropionate I'm saving for my next cycle because I want to try a short cycle (i.e. 8-10 weeks).

Test Propionate I got for the purpose of bridging the gap to PCT when coming off this long ester (cypionate) cycle i'm on. I mapped out the last three week injection schedule and I can launch into PCT 14 days after my last cyp injection and 6 days after my last prop injection. I could start PCT 5 days after last prop and 13 days after last cyp but I want to make sure I bleed out all the synthetic hormones from my body before I launch into my clomid/nolva PCT. So I don't mind waiting the extra day and it's still better than waiting the full 14 days without any Prop to bridge the gap...


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They supposedly have the same half life at 3-1/2 days, but you can also find some information saying the half lives are shorter.

Prop has 83% by weight testosterone while phenyl prop has 68.6% - so the prop should seem a bit stronger.