Test/Tren/Sdrol Cycle+Diet Review Please


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Hey all

4th cycle. First two were 14wk 500mg test/AI/nolva+clomid pct. 3rd was 16wk 625 test/500mast/AI/Sdrol

I am 29/M/6'/195 pounds in the low teens BF% and have been cruising 150mg test/wk since last cycle with bloods in range.

I want to continue to lean out while making some reasonable gains at the same time (recomp) so I've been researching a lot about tren and I think I'm ready to give it a shot.

My cycle:

Weeks 1-3
TestE 200mg/week (M and Th)
TrenA 425mg/week (pinned ED)
Sdrol 20mg daily
Aromasin 6.25mg EOD

Weeks 4-10
TestE 200mg/week (M and Th)
TrenA 425mg/week (pinned ED)
Aromasin 6.25mg EOD

Now my recomp diet:


Egg (2 large) 140 12p 10f 0c
Egg whites (1/4 carton) 125 25p 0f 0c
Oatmeal (1/2 cup) 160 6p 3f 27c
PB (1 tbsp) 100 5p 8f 3c
Honey (1 tbsp) 60 0p 0f 17c

Chicken breast 280 40p 5f 0c
Sweet potato 130 2p 0f 30c
Celery (5 stalks) 50 0p 0f 5c
Pepper/onion (1/3 steambag) 40 0p 0f 3c
Oil (tbsp) 120 0p 14f 0c

Steak 300 50p 6f 0c
2x instant Rice cup 230 5p 5f 42c
Pepper and onion (1/3bag) 40 0p 0f 3c
Steamer green beans (1bag) 90 3p 0f 10c
Oil (tbsp) 120 0p 14f 0c

Whey (2 scoop) 240 48p 4ff 6c

2560cal 205p 75f 192c

I meal prep religiously so this diet will be easy to maintain.

So what do you think? I will get bloodwork done a few days after I drop the Sdrol to assess my AI dosage and see if I need to use any caber. I have caber on hand but I am apprehensive about taking a DA unless I need to. My research on the subject leads me to believe that at 425 tren I should be ok if I manage E2.

Does the diet look ok? Any recomendations? I may add a can of tuna in if I get too hungry and I'll always have tons of cooked chicken and lean steak at the ready.

After the 10 weeks of tren are up my plan as of now is to drop back to 150mg test and cruise until my bloods look good.

Sorry for the long read. Thanks in advance for your help!
Good point. I'll throw in a couple handfuls of baby spinach and arugula. Otherwise, would a daily dose or two of Metamucil be an ok source of fiber?

Also want to note that the steak dinner is usually only 3x a week, with other days being tilapia or tuna steak or swordfish.

Any other comments on the cycle or diet?

Your diet looks good. Personally I feel superdrol is too toxic, but if you have used it before and liver values and kidney function wasn't a problem it's your decision.

Good luck brother.