Testolic-Test Propinate by Body Research

I have heard that Testolic is amazing prop just like vironome. I never took it before so we will see.

Thanks bro
I do not really understand the lab test, can someone explain how overdosed it is and how I can tell? On the test it had 2 things ml/g mg/ml. Can someone please explain. I have some of there testosterone cypionate amps that I am about to start and I am rather anxiouse now that they are probably overdosed.
I might be drunk or something, but..
If the active ingredient is 47,9 mg/ml and the amp is 2ml, wouldn't the total amount of active ingredient be 2 X 47,9 = 95,8 mg / amp?
It is supposed to be 100mg/amp right? So it is slightly underdosed..

But, they probably have some sort of error marginal of +-5% when measuring it at the lab. It is probably right on spot 100mg/amp :)
Is this prop kind of watery?

compared to most enan or cyp?

watery? its oil based as all tests exept suspension. no its cannot be compared to enanthate or cypionate cause of shorter halflife. But good product indeed i did it in thailand maybe 400mg/week only.
I have some testolic test prop just like that.

it is not thick like enanthate...enan takes normally a good minute to suck up a ml into a syringes with a 22g 1 1/2" needle...this stuff takes like 2 seconds.
my label looks very identical to that...except...
it says
manufactured by T.P. Drug laboratories. bangkok thailand

distributed by MERIDIAN (thailand)